Listen to Covers

Do you follow us on Twitter (ahem @chrmcityjukebox ahem)? Since we started tweeting, I’ve found a treasure trove of covers from music blogs and music magazines and music types, and I can’t. stop. listening. to. them. What is it about a solid cover that’s so magical? Our first post on Charm City Jukebox was about our Top 5 covers and we had enough leftovers to warrant a Leftover List and a Reader Request. We posted 23 covers that week and I think we could have doubled that, easily.

So if, like us, you can’t get enough covers, here are a few more to tide you over. And if you have more can’t miss covers, leave them in the comments, pretty please (we could use a few more. Seriously)

New Covers:

“Corrina Corrina,” Cover by Beck (via Pitchfork)

“God Only Knows,” Cover by The Flaming Lips (via Paste Magazine)

“Ophelia,” Cover by Bon Iver (via

Reader Recommendations:

“Walking with a Ghost,” Cover by The White Stripes  (originally by Tegan and Sara)

“Take Care,” Cover by Florence and the Machine  (originally by Drake)