So Hot Right Now: May 2014 (by Claire)

sidewalk flowers

I’ve had mountains of things to say to you kids about music this past month. Like if Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings come to your town, cancel your plans and go see them, unless you’re not a fan of rollicking funk dance parties and uncontrollable glee. And if you see Valerie June maybe tell her a joke, because she seemed pretty glum when she played the Fillmore (and if you don’t see her, go listen to Pushin’ Against A Stone, but that’s not news—I’ve been offering that unsolicited advice since last August.) Also if you want to have a really long talk about Andre 3000, I’m your girl. Drop me a line. And find this five track set on Spotify where he discusses his top 10 songs for going out, which includes:

  • Him waxing poetic on the piece of bubblegum he’s chewing
  • A shout out to Billy Joel
  • A description of Steely Dan parties, where people come together and try to decipher the lyrics (Are these real? I need to know. Leave me a comment if you’ve been to one of these, seriously.)

And the part in “Sixteen” by Rick Ross where Andre 3000 announces that he’s a merman—-look, do you want to get coffee and talk about Andre 3000? I want to get coffee and talk about Andre 3000. I’m very prepared and always undercaffeinated.

But I have been, as Joshua mentioned last month, silly busy. So lets skip to May. (If you’re very very curious about what I listened to in April, go listen to Joshua’s excellent April So Hot Right Now. Or listen to my extremely similar playlist.)

I want everything to sound like Habibi right now. Joyful and retro and ready to pair with long summer nights in small vintage dresses. I want everything to feel exactly like “I’ve Got the Moves” which I wish would play the second I step on to any dance floor for the next month, at least. “High School Lover” sounds nothing like my new favorite Brooklyn girl quartet, but does sound like old school Strokes and nostalgic teen rebellion, which in the throes of this rare San Francisco heat wave, both sound like a very good idea.

Yes, it’s nearly summer. Lets dance and be raucous and play everything too loud. Carefree with a nearly addictive hook—that’s what I’m going for mixtape-wise this month. “Lets Get Drunk And Get It On” fits the bill. It’s a choice gem from the new Old 97’s album, whose origin story I imagine started with Rhett Miller stomping into a room full of bandmates and announcing “Okay…so lets make the most Old 97s sounding Old 97s record possible,” then sticking to a diet of classics like “Barrier Reef” and Wild Turkey.

There’s a triumphant return from bands I forgot I loved: Slow Club, Bleached, and Operator Please. “Complete Surrender” sounds like it’s from a whole new band, but I still can’t stop playing it, while “Back and Forth” has somehow made me love Operator Please even more than before. And speaking of returns, welcome back to the mix Leftover Salmon and Taj Mahal version of “Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes,” one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs. The 20 charming seconds of Taj Mahal talking in the intro always makes me smile.

You’re up: Tell me absolutely everything you’re listening to right now. Or your favorite Andre 3000 fact. Or your plans for a Steely Dan lyrics party. I want to hear it all—go!

So Hot Right Now, April 2014 (by Joshua)


springFucking hell, it’s about time.

Spring is finally here in Baltimore, after what has seemed to be the most annoyingly long winter in recent memory. There wasn’t as much snow as, say, the winter of 2009-2010 (The Snowpocaplyse, as it were), but it was frighteningly cold the entire time. Winter is always an ordeal in the Delmarva area, but I don’t know of another winter I quite hated as much as this one. I literally wept two days ago when baseball season started – I got out of an especially grueling day of work to come outside to bright sun and 64 degrees and I couldn’t help a tear coming to my eye when I got home, opened up all the windows, opened up a beer, and watch the Orioles beat the reigning World Series champs, the Red Sox. (I fucking hate the Red Sox…more than the Yankees, less than the Steelers, about as much as I hate Jeffery Maier.)

So I figured my April list, which is usually bright, had to be especially upbeat this year. I had a lot of help this month from NPR’s lists of SXSW artists, which are…extensive. I’ve been pouring over them at work, much to the chagrin of my co-workers, who seem to prefer 80’s arena rock and Trampled by Turtles. (I know, it’s an odd combo. But it’s still better than Katy Perry and Eminem on forever repeat.) The song “Jardin Du Luxembourg” by The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger is a good example of a song that I discovered from these lists, my co-workers are baffled by, and I’m enamored with. It’s got this great groove to it, but the ethereal lead singer and the droning, parallel fifths harmonies have proved to be just too weird for most. I guess I get it? But come on, get on board.

Really short story: You know how I often say I either write off or immediately dislike music when I first hear it, then once I either re-discover it or actually listen to it I find I love it? I had to live with the unfortunate result of my quirk this month when I super excitedly sent Claire the track “Oh Man” by Born Ruffians. The message was all like (as they often are), “Oh fucking fuck hell balls shizzbot, Claire, you gotta peep this with your earballs right this very second!” Of course, nearly immediately she sent back, “Uh, yeah, I know. I have. Born Ruffians were on my wonderful February SHRN list, which you follow.” Nice job, Joshua.

Some quick hits:

  • Holy balls, I cannot get the synth line from “Peaches” by In the Valley Below out of my head. They need more stuff on Spotify, pronto.
  • Also, according to this list, I’m apparently super into synth pop/rock now. Who knew that was gonna happen. Claire, I guess? She did turn me on to CRHVCHES. (Who are doing two shows at the 9:30 Club which are already both fucking sold out.)
  • Sold out too? Fucking Alabama Shakes. Why in the world didn’t I buy tickets when they first went on sale? I’m totally slacking on concerts recently, and I’m angry about this.
  • Not sold out? King Kahn and the Shrines, playing at the Ottobar in June. I’ll buy tickets to that, uh, tomorrow. Yeah.
  • I’ve always written off ELO as kinda lame (“Evil Woman” is, in fact, totally lame.), but holy hell is “Long Black Road” fucking funky as hell, and “Mr. Blue Sky” is perhaps the happiest song ever.
  • Most of these artists I’ve heard the one song on this list, so I’ve got some albums to listen to this month. I did already listen to the Summer Camp album, and it was really fun. I’d check it out, if I were you.
  • Yes, “April Come She Will” is a lazy, easy way to end a list for April. Also, fuck you.

So Hot Right Now, March 2014 (By Joshua)


I cannot figure out what I’m into this month.

When I first was putting this list together a couple weeks ago, it was like two-thirds 90’s rap. I had gotten into a discussion late last month with my brother about the best rap albums of the 90’s and my list quickly became a who’s-who of that genre: 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan…all the best were there. But after about a week I realized that I just couldn’t listen to them anymore. I don’t know why I’ve changed, but 90’s rap is really boring me recently. It shouldn’t; I really believe some of the best rap ever came out in the early nineties. I mean, it’s just hard to find a rap album better than A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory, but I still can’t listen to it right now.

Having said that, this list is not devoid of rap or hip-hop….or whatever the hell you call OutKast. There might not be a better hip-hop album released in the Aughts (2000-2009) than Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. It’s so much fun, and it’s so fucking weird. Also in this list is perhaps my favorite song from 1990, “Fight the Power.” It’s weird to think about how much Chuck D and Flava Flav hated white people, and the latter had two different shows on VH1.

Still, this list all over the place. I go from a band that sounds exactly like the Alabama Shakes would if they had a male singer (St. Paul & The Broken Bones [it's freaky how much they sound like AS. Still great, obviously.]) to St. Vincent (how fucking awesome is their [her?] new album, guys?) to a whole section of 90’s songs I never thought I liked, but nonetheless have been stuck in my head. (90’s posts are coming, people. We just have to get up off our lazy asses. Well, I’m lazy; Claire has a wedding to plan.)

A couple quick hits:

  • “The Sign” is fucking poetry, y’all.
  • I really would like to hear a funk or soul version of “Come On Eileen.” Make it so, soul bands.
  • I could listen to “Counting Blue Cars (Tell Me Your Thoughts On God)” on repeat for days. It’s also probably responsible for the band Live, so, there’s that.
  • The series finale of Dollhouse is freaking awesome, and the it’s mostly the song they use at the end of the episode (“Everywhere I Go”) that makes it so heart wrenching.

So Hot Right Now, March 2014: The All Hits Scrapbook (by Claire)

One time everyone was at the apartment carving pumpkins and, having exhausted everything new that I had in rotation, I played my Happy Songs mixtape. Every time a new song played Amy looked up, happy and alarmed, and announced “All of the hits!” It was my all time favorite mix tape compliment.

Usually I want to offer this bouquet of musical discoveries. I want you to hear exactly what I’ve been listening to for the past month (or, more often, week). And then I forget, in the rush of so much new, all the old things I love listening to most of all. It’s comfort food, something good and warm for the soul.

I felt kind of overwhelmed by the present and the future these part few weeks, so I bopped around in the past and pulled together something that me at any age would call “All of the hits!” I’ve been time traveling a little with this playlist. Here’s where I’ve been going:

1. The first time I remember hearing “I’m Waiting for the Man,” I was 21 years old and it was the favorite song of the four-year-old girl I was babysitting. I was sitting in that house with the girl’s mom, taking a break from painting in the garage, paint smears on her loose clothes, her charming light eyes and short short hair. The house smelled like baby shampoo and sliced bread gone stale and some sweet arid food smell that lingered no matter what I cooked for dinner. “Sure, you can listen to it one more time,” the mom said, so we listened to it three times in a row and the girl danced around and the grownups grinned. For some reason, everything about this moment was great. Baby’s first Lou Reed jam.

2. It was very dark grey all the time and most mornings my car valiantly tried to start but wasn’t up to it. I was 19, living in Baltimore, and working at the music memorabilia shop a couple days a week. The staff smoked cigarettes in the rain and ate steamy plastic vats of glossy Chinese food from the same awful carry out place every day. I scrawled the names of records and reorganized knick knacks, wrote copy, but mostly I walked around the musty mini warehouse, sifting through the comforting chaos of musical oddities. I played Get Behind Me Satan nonstop for at least two months.

3. It was the middle of the night and I had just tracked down the High Fidelity soundtrack. Like a guardian angel, that movie kept appearing on TV the second I plopped down on that tremendous couch in that tremendous house, two sweet dogs with little old man faces illegally crawling onto the leather to curl up in a ball by my side. Outside was Australia, but I was always inside, sleeping or working or having no money to do much of anything. But it was nice sometimes, those long dark hours in the middle of the night, when I wrote and drank espresso and listened to what I wanted to listen to. Sometimes Joshua and Noura were up and I’d have maybe my second conversation of the day. “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam” is sitting in the dark, content and caffeinated, finally putting a name and a band to a song I’d been wanting to track down for years.


“Honey Love” is dazzlingly sweet, from images to title to sound, upbeat and cheerful. “Cussin’ Cryin’ and Carryin’ On” will guarantee that you never forget the awesomeness of Tina Turner again. “Let’s Go” sounds like the start of a big adventure.

And you’ve heard the rest of these, right? It feels a little bizarre to lay out the basics of “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” to you.

What are you listening to this month? Have you been doing any musical time traveling? Let me know in the comments.

So Hot Right Now, February 2014: Spring Songs for Bright Rebels (by Claire)

cherry blossoms

I don’t know what it is about February. The month is short, it’s not quite Spring. The pressure of January with its capital letter NEW YEAR IS NOW theme and all the seriousness of resolutions and behaving has passed. The sun isn’t setting quite as early. Everyone has stopped talking about diets and the holidays are way in the rearview window.

This is the second year I’ve noticed the energy that fills me up at the beginning of this month—wide awake creative energy, young and lively, the kind I remember from my teens. I’m writing a lot. I’m reading a lot of Diane Di Prima. I’m seeing friends and walking in the fresh air and drinking too much coffee. And I’m craving a very specific kind of music: Spring music.

My Spring music essentials are simple. If there are cherry blossoms on the trees, I’m probably listening to:

  • Clapping and tambourines and surf guitar.
  • All-girl bands, specifically DIY 90’s girl groups where the lead singers’ vocals are described as “bratty” and modern bands with an old school Motown girl group sound.
  • Indiepop.
  • A splash of punk.
  • Cover art that charms, that makes you want to give the band a shot (An experience that’s become nearly impossible based on how I consume music now, but I force it for fun a couple times a year because I miss the thrill).
  • Lo-fi vocals.
  • Bands with teenager in the name.
  • Songs about starting a band, waiting for summer to come, and being a redhead.

These are songs that make you feel young and alive, like you might go on a big adventure and the whole thing might take place just down the street. And for dessert, fragile lugubrious songs for a restless mope. My So Hot Right Now for February is a soundtrack for tending to your bright rebellious spirit.

What are you listening to? Is your February mixtape approach completely different from mine? Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo of “We all love you, shifty disco girl”? Let me know in the comments.

So Hot Right Now, February 2014: Musical Regression (By Joshua)


Have you ever found yourself reliving your past? I seem to be doing that this month. All I want to listen to is my old So Hot Right Now lists. And the funny thing is I have very little desire to listen to the ones from 2013, just the ones from 2012. I hit those lists out of the goddamn park. The March list of 2012 is perhaps my favorite So Hot Right Now list I’ve ever made, and it’s a seriously weird one. I mean, on one list exists Warren Zevon, Rasputina, The Band, Rage Against the Machine, The Beatles, and The Moments. The weird part is that I know how I sequence these lists, which is to say I barely do any sequencing, and somehow each song flows perfectly into the next one.

I’m struggling to find a reason for why this list is so good. Maybe I was having a good month that month…but my list doesn’t seem especially happy. I think that was the month I moved into my place in Charles Village, but I honestly remember that as totally stressful and not at all happy. Maybe it doesn’t have to be happy to be good. Maybe it’s good because it’s unhappy. Either way, it’s good, and there are like 8 songs from that list on this one.

Also prominently featured on this list is my list from November of 2012.  And looking back at our posts from those months, I think I found a parallel: March was our month on the structure of an album, and November was our month on the structure of a song. Maybe I was just in better musical mindspaces in those months. I had to’ve been, these lists are hot as hell.

Included as well is a smattering of songs from both of my birthday mixtapes Claire made for me. They are both truly excellent, though for some reason I am drawn over and over again to the one from 2013. I love the inclusion of They Might Be Giants right next to the bird and bee’s cover of “I Can’t Go For That.” Also, I had to throw in the excellent Mavis Staples’ cover of “Can You Get To That” off of this year’s birthday list.

Now, you might notice that this list has 14 songs rather than my customary 15. The reason for this is simple: there’s a song on this list Spotify doesn’t have that I do. If you want to listen to it, it’s called “Gardening” by Spoke Ensemble. Good luck finding a good version – Youtube has a crappy video of a live performance in someone’s backyard, but that’s about it.

Oh! I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention why Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” is on this list, and the reason is simple: Because of my amazing acumen with music, I have won a slap bet with this song and therefore I get to slap my brother Matthew across his face. Hard.

So Hot Right Now, January 2014 (By Joshua)

what we gained in the fireWhen did I fall so out of practice?

The reason it’s taken me this long to post my January list isn’t that I didn’t have the songs. I’ve been seriously musically addicted this month, and it’s taken a few forms. The first musical obsession of the year, as I texted Claire late at night on January 2nd, was the indomitable track “Harper Lee,” the lead track off of Little Green Cars’ wonderful debut album Absolute Zero. I know it took me awhile to warm up to album, but I seem to do that often. The second and more recent obsession was another lead track, Alanis Morissette’s “All I Really Want,” a seemingly perfect 90’s song. I mean, it’s got everything: Wailing vocals, bitter and witty lyrics (the line before the beat drops is freaking hilarious), and a drum beat to rival all other 90’s drum beats. I even reached all the back to the 80’s for the not-quite-one-hit-wonder band Squeeze for their fantastic track “Tempted,” a jewel if there ever was one. Fun Fact #4757: The lyrical back and forth in the second verse? If you think recognize one of the voices from something else, you’d be right: It’s just their producer, freakin’ Elvis Costello.

So my problems this month were not with the songs, not at all. It was the sequence. For the life of me, I could not come up with a good way to fit these songs together in a cohesive way. There are at least three different lead tracks from their respective albums on here, yet none of them seemed like the best way to start this mixtape. I wanted to begin with the Morissette track, but since it doesn’t really sound like much else on the list, it would be sort of false advertising for the rest of the list. The only firm decision I could make was to place the track, “What We Gained In The Fire” by The Mynabirds at the end of the tape. (Speaking of which, the image at the top is a capture from the very same video, and I would totally recommend watching it as soon as you’re able.)

This brings me to a new idea in my monthly mixtapes: a non-sequenced, always shuffled list. This list defied all my attempts to be sequenced, so now its fate to be forever played in shuffle mode. It definitely help with playing the list out, as I so often do with my So Hot Right Now lists, since the songs are never in the same order. And the best part is you can do this at home, too! Just make sure, whatever you do, that you leave “What We Gained In The Fire” until the end – it really ruins the list otherwise.

Some quick hits:

  • “East Los Angeles” by Augustines is quite awesome, but doesn’t the singer sound an awful like if Dave Matthews both knew his vocal range and smoked 3 packs a day?
  • “Silver and Gold” by Noah and the Whale sounds like The Cars and the Talking Heads had a very odd baby together, in mostly a good way.
  • I wish all songs were about unrequited crushes on evil billionaires bent on taking over the world with airships and lasers, like in The Doubleclicks’ song.

So Hot Right Now: January 2014 (by Claire)

San Francisco is playing that game where it swirls autumn and spring into something evocative, laced with warm breezes and crisp days. I walk around feeling awake and reminded—of elementary school autumns, of the first Spring on campus, of a million standout memories framed in cold fresh air and ruddy cheeks.

In proper Autumn, I crave the classics. In proper Spring, something sweet and rough around the edges. In January’s SpringAutumn? New songs by bands I just discovered, ones I’m rapidly falling in love with. Big rough 60’s sounding guitar hooks. Rich velvety voices. Dizzying blends of classic and brand new sounds.

Mynabirds fit the bill. So do Those Darlins, who I first listened to based solely on the description of them sounding like a blend of Shonen Knife and The Carter Family. “Let Her Go” by Jagwar Ma is less than a year old, but belongs on a classic alt 90’s soundtrack. King Tuff’s “Sun Medallion” is lo-fi garage heaven with traces of a classic 60’s sound. The fact that “Josie” by Go Violets isn’t by a 90’s all girl indie-pop band is absurd. And, awesome.

Is it okay to have a musical discovery of the year when they year is two days old? I’ve had Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s Ripely Pine on repeat all day, especially “Aubergine” which took a few listens before it became an obsession. I’ve had Haim’s flawless freshman album Days Are Gone on heavy rotation since it debuted. Every month I fall in love with a new song from them. For January, it’s sweet “Honey and I,” the track where the constant Haim/Fleetwood Mac comparison makes the most sense.

“Wings” by Haert was the runner-up on nearly every #HolidaySurvival list. This song belongs in the cannon of new songs with a bright infectious 80’s pop beat. Throw it on your own January playlist alongside “You’re in Love” by Betty Who and “Is This How You Feel” by The Preatures. Second constant runner-up: soulful worldly “Don’t Wait” by Mapei.

The perfect mix of classic and fresh is the warm, crackling “Well You Better” by Yo La Tengo, one of a million 90’s comeback kids in 2013. Pure classic? Late 60’s folk singer Vashti Bunyan’s Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards’ penned single “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind.”

Happy new year, to all you crazy kids! And a belated happy birthday to this blog, which recently turned two. If you’re in the market for a birthday present, more music suggestions would be perfect, thanks. Meet me in the comments and let me know what’s on your January playlist.

 **Artwork by Ashley Jones. Check out more of her work at The Vainglory or catch her on Twitter @theRealAshleyJ

So Hot Right Now: December 2013 (by Claire)

oh hey super early sunset. you're pretty and sad.

Oh hey super early sunset. You’re pretty and sad.

We ambled over to the beach to learn the truth: The sun sets at 4:15 pm. The three of us stood in the sand and watched the thick fog unfurl over the ocean, the departing sun leaving lavender and grey smudges over the cliffs. When it was over, it was maybe 5:00 pm, voluptuously dark and cold. Lights twinkled in the trees on the drive home. The idea of dinner bounced around in our brains.

At 5:00. 5:00! I know I’m an adult person who shouldn’t act surprised about seasons, but after three months in sweaty, sunshiney climates, this it-looks-like-it’s-midnight-before-I’m-even-finished-working routine is a gloomy shock. Welcome back to the US! Here’s some seasonal depression.

I spent last December listening to “Young and Cold” by The Raveonettes on repeat and only wanted to listen to similarly evocative, cold weather songs. But I need some bounce and verve this year, the mixtape equivalent of a light therapy lamp. “Lightning” by Air Waves is slow burning pure joy, unexpectedly dance-worthy after a gentle start. “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” starts big and somehow grows more expansive and thrilling with each verse, with it’s steady heart-racing drums, twinkly reverb laced sound, and Madeline Folin’s sweet pleading vocals. Look forward to appearances by “The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES and most of Haim’s debut album Days Are Gone on all worthwhile New Years Eve playlists.

I know we’ve entered 2013 music catch up season—can we be honest here? Some of the 2012 catch up I’ve done for this month has knocked my 2013 favorites out of rotation. Sorry topical music fans. Vivian Girls spin-offs killed in 2012—-all of Our House On The Hill by The Babies is worth a listen, but “Alligator” is a great start. La Sera’s dreamy “Love That’s Gone” already sounds like a classic, and is maybe the loveliest “Screw you” breakup song ever. On a non-Vivian Girls related note, Tame Impala’s Lonerism has never stopped sounding fresh and delicious. I find new things to love on that album every few months; right now “Elephant” is my walking-through-the-city anthem.

So we’ve got new and not-quite-new covered—how about not remotely new? If it’s cold outside, I’m listening to Astral Weeks. Humming “Sweet Thing” and daydreaming is my favorite variation on wedding planning at the moment (so much better than skimming the overwhelming “buy this!” and “lose weight!” buffet that is wedding blogs). A few months ago, Pavement kept me mostly calm as I sat in a car that nearly careened off the highway in Bangkok. “Range Life” reminds me of the hyper bliss of stumbling out of that experience, alive, intact, relentlessly grateful. (Also the mini 90’s rock history lesson towards the end of the song is pretty great. Read Hey Nietszche! Leave Them Kids Alone if you, like me, have the urge to know too much about The Smashing Pumpkins).

So Hot Right Now, October 2013 (by Joshua)

I feel like this everyday.

I feel like this everyday.

I was all ready to post a whole thing on October being one of my favorite months. It’s a bit cooler, the leaves are changing, and somehow I always get into a folk-y sort of mood, music-wise. I was on it, too – most of my list is folky, end of the summer, early fall music. But then two things happened.

First, it got hot. Really hot.

I don’t know why I’m surprised – Baltimore always has one of these September/October heat waves, even when the summers have been as cool as this one was. I mean, only one or two 100 degree weekends? What is this, Canada? (Yeah, Canada, I know you have different temperature zones, but fuck you, I’m lumping y’all together. Plus, I’m using Fahrenheit, dipshits.) And yet, last month’s high was 95 degrees, and while it cooled for a hot second, it’s gonna be hot all fucking week this week.

Second, the new Arcade Fire single dropped.  And damn, that track is hot.

I mean, it’s like what that Daft Punk and Pharell song earlier in the summer wish it could be. It has all of that pumping, driving feeling Daft Punk wants, but with far more too it. Two dudes in robot helmets can’t quite offer the full richness that is the 7 pieces of Arcade Fire. They can’t touch the horns, the multiple drummers; the thick, thick bass, the sultry guitars; they can’t touch the heady interplay of the duel vocals of Butler and Chassagne. Not even with Pharell so adequately holding it down, not even close.

I’m so excited for Arcade Fire’s new album. I went out to see a good few friends of mine band this weekend (shout out to The Hollywood Blanks. They got good things coming to them very soon.) and managed to get home in time to see AF’s special after SNL, and brother, it was hot. Not to mention surprisingly rife with celebrities.

Anyway, I totally stole “Hey, Sandy” off of Claire’s list, because, well, tough shit, Claire. Pete & Pete is big enough to share. Some quick hits:

  • The Sundays’ cover of “Wild Horses” is so wonderfully 90’s, it hurts like getting an indian burn while wearing flannel.
  • I simply cannot get enough of Dawes’ new album.
  • I seriously need a job. There are only so many times I can play “Leslie Anne Levine” on my guitar before I go stark raving mad.
  • Fuck, it needs to be the end of October already. I want Halloween, drunken parties, and Reflektor like right now.