Meet the Charm City Jukebox

Meet the Charm City Jukebox: In a far away/ not so far away city called Baltimore, Claire and Joshua spent a decade and some change developing discarded Top-5-insert-musical-reference-here lists, trading jokes, divulging musical guilty pleasures, then justifying those guilty pleasures…then renouncing them once anyone else was in ear shot (patrons of a certain questionable-jukebox-posessing-best-melt-the-enamal-off-your-teeth-strong-cocktails-slinging Baltimore dive, you know who you are). They decided these conversations needed a home, so like all good obsessive, possibly-a-little-pretentious people, they started this blog.

Meet Claire and Joshua: We’re friends. We’re kinda cousins. We’ve clearly watched or read “High Fidelity” about 5,000 times between the two of us. Claire is a writer. Joshua is a baker. Sometimes we hang out with a candlestick maker (not really…but we probably should start.)

Contact Us: Questions? Comments? Top 5 list ideas? Send them our way.

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  • Twitter: @chrmcityjukebox

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