Happy Birthday Joshua!

Happy Birthday Joshua! Thanks for being an awesome friend, writer, musician, resident music snob, and person. In honor of Joshua’s birthday, here are my top 5 favorite blurbs/pieces of musical wisdom by birthday boy:

1. Parliament – “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off)” (from “Top 5 Songs Your New Years Eve Party Desperately Needs”)

“It’s pretty impossible to have a party without George Clinton. I mean, seriously, can you remember the last time you went to a party and a Parliament/Funkadelic/George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic didn’t make an appearance on the playlist? You can? I’ll bet that party sucked. No? You’re lying to me now. It was so good you got blackout drunk and you met your future husband/wife? Just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Everyone knows no party is complete without some interplanetary funk.”

2. Brad Mehldau– “When It Rains” (from “Top 5 Hometown Songs”)

“I love to make mix tapes. And Rob Gordon was right, there is a formula one must follow when making one. However, there isn’t a consensus on what one should end the tapes with. Some believe you need to make it end on extremely high note with an up-tempo song that leaves the listener wanting more. I’m of the belief it’s better to build up to that song with a few songs before it, then end with a denouement that leaves a feeling of total satisfaction, usually a ballad or a slower song. This is the song I set as a gold standard for that. It starts and ends slow and has an absolutely stunning solo by Mehldau in the middle section then fades back to slow. But what makes this song hit home so hard is that I have always wanted to make music like this. Before I broke my wrists, I was a pretty decent jazz bassist. I spent nearly 10 years of my life playing jazz and this is the perfect example of music I wanted to be a part of and now I’ll never be.”

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Deep Kick” (from “Top 5 Bad Songs by Good Artists”)

“The whole album this is on, One Hot Minute, is awful. And this song is heinous. It’s like John Prine meets Donovan meets Flea waking up from a bad booze, speed, and heroin hangover. This band was based on speed rock funk. Anything under 80 bpm just seems weird and this is truly bizarre. I just want to ask everyone involved what they were thinking, all the way down to the mixing board tech. Awful.”

4. The Isley Brothers, cover of James Taylor’s “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” (from “Top 5 Covers”)

“The original version is done by James Taylor. This version can convince anyone to drop their pants and get it on. Being able to do that with a song written by James Taylor? Priceless.”

5. Two Years

“A haunting, and beautiful, piece by Joshua about his father’s death. If you haven’t read it yet, you should, immediately.”

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